How it Works

Who We Are

VCS is one of the UAE’s well-established computer technician team that specialized in laptop repair, have years of experience in office network setup for companies, who offer a full range of gadgets Repair services in Dubai.

We know that your beloved gadgets are essential for work and play, and that’s why we commit to providing you with the speediest, most dependable repair service in the UAE. VCS aspires to be a dependable name in the world of mobile repair, laptop repair, PABX telephone system solutions, and CCTV TV repair service that not only meet your expectations but exceed them, without a state-of-the-art workshop and talented technicians who can help you with “while you wait” repair services, bulk repair and maintenance services, as well a post-repair care.

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Happiness Guarantee

With our dedicated crew & our plan of action of complete networking troubleshooting to provide the best customer experience every time, we are always geared up to go the extra mile which guarantees a happy customer at the end of the day.

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What’s the difference between the VCS Onsite and VCS Collect and Return Service?

If you choose to get your VCS tech service ‘Onsite’, we will arrive at your doorstep on time, along with all the equipment needed to get the job done. If you choose the VCS ‘Collect and Return’ service for anything from laptop hinge repair to laptop battery replacement, we’ll send a trusted courier pick-up to collect your tech items, who will then take it to the service center. The courier service will then return the item to you after the repair and maintenance service is completed.

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What We Provide

All your electronic repairs now made easy with Vibrant Computer Systems. At Vibrant Computer Systems we provide world-class services, be it computer repair, laptop screen repair or mobile repair. We do mobile battery replacement for a broken screen, failing charging port or battery life retention. For any model of PC or MacBook, Vibrant Computer Systems has a trained technician to help you with all the computer repairs and laptop repairs. We are the first names for Apple iPad repair and iPhone tech repairing industry in Dubai and booking for a repair is just a click away. Just tell us what you need and book an appointment for either a mobile repair, laptop repair or computer repair, and stop worrying about your gadget.

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We will repair and fix your devices without you having to worry about it. We do mobile screen repairs for brands like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Nokia, Realme, Redmi, Sony, LG, Huawei, Infinix and quite a few others. Under laptop screen repair and computer repair we cover brands like Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, MSI, Microsoft and quite a few more. You can count on Vibrant Computer Systems for a number of repair issues like screen replacement, battery replacement, graphics card repair, WiFI fix, MacOS installation, storage upgrade, memory upgrade, software fix, hardware fix, screen fix, touch fix, sound fix, mic fix, water damage, camera fix, battery fix and any other fixes of this type.

While booking for a mobile repair, laptop repair or desktop repair we also provide you with a number of possible issues that you might be facing to make the booking process easy and hassle free. Vibrant Computer Systems is the most trusted repair house for all the luxury and mass brand of mobiles, computers or laptops.

Besides mobile repair, laptop repair and computer repair, Vibrant Computer Systems also provides networking setup and troubleshooting for PABX services. Under PABX we can surely help you with brands like Panasonic, Avaya, Cisco, Linksys, SWYX etc, while with network setup you can trust us with setting up of security cameras, high volume guest Wi-Fi traffic, customer records, ticket & card readers etc. which require higher bandwidth. So, not only are your computer repair, laptop repair or iPhone repair are our responsibility, but all your set ups are taken care of by us at Vibrant Computer Systems.

We at Vibrant Computer Systems, guarantee to provide you with the speediest, most dependable repair service in the UAE with well-established computer technician team that specialises in desktop repair and has years of experience in office network setup for companies, offering a full range of tech gadget repair services in Dubai.

Vibrant Computer Systems is a one-stop solution for all the repairs related to any of your loved gadgets and you can be assured of having the best in class fix for your mobile, laptop and computer. You can rely on our decade long experience in the sphere of tech repairs. With our state-of-the-art workshop and talented technicians we can help you with “while you wait” repair services, bulk repairs and maintenance services, as well a post-repair care for all your gadgets.

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